Friday, March 28, 2008

confessions of a pepsi addict

I confess that I am a Pepsi addict.

Today, I have switched to Diet Pepsi for a change. I ve saved myself 3 pts at lunch time just having a Diet Pepsi instead of a Regular Pepsi. I have been meaning to do that for a long time.
I finally did it!

I used to LOVE Diet Pepsi and when I got pregnant, I switched to regular Pepsi because I did not want the baby to have aspartame. I'd have one can of regular Pepsi a day ( or none ) but the past three months, I find myself having about 9 pts of Pepsi ( 3 cans) on an average day! Thats a lot of points for drinks in a day!!

I know Pepsi is bad for you. It is loaded full of sugar! I remember when I was drinking Diet Pepsi all the time, I 'd have a sip of regular Pepsi from a friend and I would HATE the taste of it. It would be too SWEET for me that it would make me sick. I am not too crazy of the taste of Diet Pepsi right now... I just have to start getting used to it and learn to love it again!

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